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Archbishop William (Eusebuis) Brown is the Founder and Current Presiding Bishop of The New Day Fellowship of Independent and Global Churches & Ministries, Inc. (FIG)

Early life

Archbishop William (Eusebius) Brown was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee and at a very young age accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior. His spiritual roots started with the National Baptist Faith and Church of God in Christ. Archbishop Brown was called into the Ministry in October 1981 and was licensed in December 1982, preaching his trial sermon entitled "Whose Baby Is It?" After being ordained, Archbishop Brown worked with several ministries. Some of the ministries included: refugee ministries, prison ministries and outreach ministries. He credits Bishop G.E. Patterson for her early influence in shaping for entry into the ministry.



Consecration signing

William E. Brown joined the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship and was installed as District Overseer of Virginia. He caused a great increase in the Virginia State of the Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship.

As he progressed to Bishop, in 1999, he was chosen to become the Third Presiding Bishop, and one of the pioneers, of the Lord's Churches, Fellowships and Ministries International, Inc., headquartered in Clinton, Maryland, under the leadership of First Presiding Bishop Grant B. Williams, Jr.

Archbishop Brown is the Founder, Presiding Bishop and Primate of The New Day Fellowship of Independent and Global Churches & Ministries, Inc. In January 2003, Archbishop Brown was accepted into the World Bishops Council and appointed to the Executive Council. Archbishop Brown also serves as the President of the World Federation of Churches.

Brown was consecrated Bishop in Apostolic Succession by Archbishop Timothy Paul Baymon, Patriarch of the International Holy Christian Orthodox Church on August 22, 2003. Others there present at the Bishop's consecration were, Archbishop George Augustus Stallings, Bishop Jacob Agepog, and Archbishop Manuel Bellamy.

He was elected and enthroned into the Archepiscopacy as Archbishop of the East Southcentral Archdiocese of the ICHCOC, and the General Deputy of Protocol and on December 18, 2004 at the Mt. Zion Full Gospel Cathedral in Fredericksburg, VA. After his Enthronement he also changed his middle name to (Eusebuis).

He is a "convergence preacher", he accepts the beliefs of the Christian Orthodox Church. He has both lines for Apostolic Succession (Western and Eastern). In late November of 2008, Archbishop Brown entered into Protectorship in full Apostolic Succession with the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches (CEEC), as an Archdiocese in the Province of Saint Peter.

Personal life


Brown in Kenya

Archbishop Brown has published articles in local papers as well as national magazines such as W.O.E. Magazine, a magazine published by Elder Deborah Morton, wife of Bishop Paul S. Morton of Full Gospel Church Fellowship, out of New Orleans, Louisiana. Archbishop Brown is happily married to Cecelia Brown aka "CeCeBROWN" with two step-daughters; Melynde & Annie-Ruth. He also has two adult daughters; Nakita & Nina from a previous marriage. His Eminence celebrates seven years in unbroken apostolic succession and nine years in the episcopacy. In 2008 he joined an international communion, tied into full apostolic succession. He says that his history means little because – “Remember the first, remember the last, remember what you do for Christ will last.”

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