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Chief Exorcist for many Independent Catholic jurisdictions since 1982, Archbishop Ron Feyl Enright is officially retired from the Order of Exorcists. SERVICES AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTANTING for TV, Movie industry.

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BIOGRAPHY OF RONALD FEYL ENRIGHT Chief Exorcist for many Catholic jurisdictions, Archbishop Ron Feyl-Enrigbht received the following awards: 1.Mayor's Certificate of Appreciation by City Mayor Tom Bradley - 1981. 2. Letter of Personal Congratulations and Commendation from President Ronald Reagan - April 11, 1983. 3. County of Los Angeles Resolution from County Supervisor Kenneth Hahn of the second district for contributions and achievements in improving the Los Angeles Skid Row Community by the County Board of Supervisors - 1982. 4. City Resolution by Councilman Gilbert Lindsay, 9th district in Los Angeles for Community Achievement - 1982. 5. Mayor's Letter of Appreciation and Congratulations from the Mayor of the City of Pomona, Honorable Mr. Stanley Salsberry - 1983. 6. Letter of Appreciation from President Bill Clinton - 1996.