25. The Discrimination The Holy Qur'an (Maulana Muhammad Ali) 26. The Poets (Al-Shu'ara)
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27. The Naml

26. The Poets (Al-Shu'ara)

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

1 <section begin="26:1"/>Benignant, Hearing, Knowing God. <section end="26:1"/>

2 <section begin="26:2"/>These are the verses of the Book that makes manifest. <section end="26:2"/>

3 <section begin="26:3"/>Perhaps thou wilt kill thyself with grief because they believe not. <section end="26:3"/>

4 <section begin="26:4"/>If We please, We could send down on them a sign from heaven, so that their necks would bend before it. <section end="26:4"/>

5 <section begin="26:5"/>And there comes not to them a new Reminder from the Beneficent but they turn away from it. <section end="26:5"/>

6 <section begin="26:6"/>They indeed reject, so the news will soon come to them of that at which they mock. <section end="26:6"/>

7 <section begin="26:7"/>See they not the earth, how many of every noble kind We cause to grow in it? <section end="26:7"/>

8 <section begin="26:8"/>surely in this is a sign; yet most of them believe not. <section end="26:8"/>

9 <section begin="26:9"/>And surely thy Lord is the Mighty, the Merciful. <section end="26:9"/>

* * *
10 <section

begin="26:10"/>And when thy Lord called Moses, saying: Go to the iniquitous people <section end="26:10"/>

11 <section begin="26:11"/>The people of Pharaoh. Will they nor guard against evil? <section end="26:11"/>

12 <section begin="26:12"/>He said: My Lord, I fear that they will reject me. <section end="26:12"/>

13 <section begin="26:13"/>And my breast straitens, and my tongue is not eloquent, so send for Aaron (too). <section end="26:13"/>

14 <section begin="26:14"/>And they have a crime against me, so I fear that they will kill me. <section end="26:14"/>

15 <section begin="26:15"/>He said: By no means; so go you both with Our signs surely We are with you, Hearing. <section end="26:15"/>

16 <section begin="26:16"/>Then come to Pharaoh, and say: We are bearers of a message of the Lord of the worlds: <section end="26:16"/>

17 <section begin="26:17"/>Send with us the Children of Israel. <section end="26:17"/>

18 <section begin="26:18"/>(Pharaoh) said: Did we not bring thee up as a child among us, and thou didst tarry (many) years of thy life among us? <section end="26:18"/>

19 <section begin="26:19"/>And thou didst (that) deed of thine which thou didst and thou art of the ungrateful ones. <section end="26:19"/>

20 <section begin="26:20"/>He said: I did it then when I was of those who err. <section end="26:20"/>

21 <section begin="26:21"/>So I fled from you when I feared you, then my Lord granted me judgment and made me of the messengers. <section end="26:21"/>

22 <section begin="26:22"/>And is it a favour of which thou remindest me that thou hast enslaved the Children of Israel? <section end="26:22"/>

23 <section begin="26:23"/>Pharaoh said: And what is the Lord of the worlds? <section end="26:23"/>

24 <section begin="26:24"/>He said: The Lord of the heavens and the earth and what is between them, if you would be sure. <section end="26:24"/>

25 <section begin="26:25"/>(Pharaoh) said to those around him: Do you not hear? <section end="26:25"/>

26 <section begin="26:26"/>He said: Your Lord and the Lord of your fathers of old. <section end="26:26"/>

27 <section begin="26:27"/>(Pharaoh) said: Surely your messenger, who is sent to you, is mad. <section end="26:27"/>

28 <section begin="26:28"/>He said: The Lord of the East and the West and what is between them, if you have any sense. <section end="26:28"/>

29 <section begin="26:29"/>(Pharaoh) said: If thou takest a god besides me, I will certainly put thee in prison. <section end="26:29"/>

30 <section begin="26:30"/>He said: Even if I show thee something plain? <section end="26:30"/>

31 <section begin="26:31"/>(Pharaoh) said: Show it, then, if thou art of the truthful. <section end="26:31"/>

32 <section begin="26:32"/>So he cast down his rod, and lo! it was an obvious serpent; <section end="26:32"/>

33 <section begin="26:33"/>And he drew forth his hand, and lo! it appeared white to the beholders. <section end="26:33"/>

* * *
34 <section

begin="26:34"/>(Pharaoh) said to the chiefs around him: Surely this is a skilful enchanter, <section end="26:34"/>

35 <section begin="26:35"/>Who desires to turn you out of your land with his enchantment. What is it then that you counsel? <section end="26:35"/>

36 <section begin="26:36"/>They said: Give him and his brother respite and send heralds into the cities, <section end="26:36"/>

37 <section begin="26:37"/>That they bring to thee every skilful enchanter. <section end="26:37"/>

38 <section begin="26:38"/>So the enchanters were gathered together for the appointment of a well-known day, <section end="26:38"/>

39 <section begin="26:39"/>And it was said to the people Will you gather together? <section end="26:39"/>

40 <section begin="26:40"/>Haply we may follow the enchanters, if they are the vanquishers. <section end="26:40"/>

41 <section begin="26:41"/>So when the enchanters came, they said to Pharaoh: Will there be a reward for us, if we are the vanquishers? <section end="26:41"/>

42 <section begin="26:42"/>He said: Yes, and surely you will then be of those who are nearest (to me). <section end="26:42"/>

43 <section begin="26:43"/>Moses said to them: Cast what you are going to cast. <section end="26:43"/>

44 <section begin="26:44"/>So they cast down their cords and their rods and said: By Pharaoh's power we shall most surely be victorious. <section end="26:44"/>

45 <section begin="26:45"/>Then Moses cast down his rod, and lo! it swallowed up their fabrication. <section end="26:45"/>

46 <section begin="26:46"/>And the enchanters were thrown down prostrate -- <section end="26:46"/>

47 <section begin="26:47"/>They said: We believe in the Lord of the worlds, <section end="26:47"/>

48 <section begin="26:48"/>The Lord of Moses and Aaron. <section end="26:48"/>

49 <section begin="26:49"/>(Pharaoh) said: You believe in him before I give you leave; surely he is the chief of you who taught you enchantment, so you shall know. Certainly I will cut off your hands and your feet on opposite sides, and I will crucify you all. <section end="26:49"/>

50 <section begin="26:50"/>They said: No harm; surely to our Lord we return. <section end="26:50"/>

51 <section begin="26:51"/>We hope that out Lord will forgive us our wrongs because we are the first of the believers. <section end="26:51"/>

* * *
52 <section

begin="26:52"/>And We revealed to Moses, saying: Travel by night with My servants -- you will be pursued. <section end="26:52"/>

53 <section begin="26:53"/>And Pharaoh sent heralds into the cities (proclaiming): <section end="26:53"/>

54 <section begin="26:54"/>These are indeed a small band, <section end="26:54"/>

55 <section begin="26:55"/>And they have surely enraged us: <section end="26:55"/>

56 <section begin="26:56"/>And we are truly a vigilant multitude. <section end="26:56"/>

57 <section begin="26:57"/>So We turned them out of gardens and springs, <section end="26:57"/>

58 <section begin="26:58"/>And treasures and goodly dwellings -- <section end="26:58"/>

59 <section begin="26:59"/>Even so. And We gave them as a heritage to the Children of Israel. <section end="26:59"/>

60 <section begin="26:60"/>Then they pursued them at sunrise. <section end="26:60"/>

61 <section begin="26:61"/>So when the two hosts saw each other, the companions of Moses cried out: Surely we are overtaken. <section end="26:61"/>

62 <section begin="26:62"/>He said: By no means; surely my Lord is with me -- He will guide me. <section end="26:62"/>

63 <section begin="26:63"/>Then We revealed to Moses March on to the sea with thy staff. So it parted, and each party was like a huge mound. <section end="26:63"/>

64 <section begin="26:64"/>And there We brought near the others. <section end="26:64"/>

65 <section begin="26:65"/>And We saved Moses and those with him, all. <section end="26:65"/>

66 <section begin="26:66"/>Then We drowned the others. <section end="26:66"/>

67 <section begin="26:67"/>Surely there is a sign in this yet most of them believe not. <section end="26:67"/>

68 <section begin="26:68"/>And surely thy Lord is the Mighty, the Merciful. <section end="26:68"/>

* * *
69 <section

begin="26:69"/>And recite to them the story of Abraham. <section end="26:69"/>

70 <section begin="26:70"/>When he said to his sire and his people: What do you worship? <section end="26:70"/>

71 <section begin="26:71"/>They said: We worship idols, so we shall remain devoted to them. <section end="26:71"/>

72 <section begin="26:72"/>He said: Do they hear you when you call (on them), <section end="26:72"/>

73 <section begin="26:73"/>Or do they benefit or harm you? <section end="26:73"/>

74 <section begin="26:74"/>They said: Nay, we found our fathers doing so. <section end="26:74"/>

75 <section begin="26:75"/>He said: Do you then see what you worship -- <section end="26:75"/>

76 <section begin="26:76"/>You and your ancient sires? <section end="26:76"/>

77 <section begin="26:77"/>Surely they are an enemy to me, but not (so) the Lord of the worlds, <section end="26:77"/>

78 <section begin="26:78"/>Who created me, then He shows me the way, <section end="26:78"/>

79 <section begin="26:79"/>And Who gives me to eat and to drink, <section end="26:79"/>

80 <section begin="26:80"/>And when I am sick, He heals me, <section end="26:80"/>

81 <section begin="26:81"/>And Who will cause me to die, then give me life, <section end="26:81"/>

82 <section begin="26:82"/>And Who, I hope, will forgive me my mistakes on the day of Judgment. <section end="26:82"/>

83 <section begin="26:83"/>My Lord, grant me wisdom, and join me with the righteous, <section end="26:83"/>

84 <section begin="26:84"/>And ordain for me a goodly mention in later generations, <section end="26:84"/>

85 <section begin="26:85"/>And make me of the heirs of the Garden of bliss, <section end="26:85"/>

86 <section begin="26:86"/>And forgive my sire, surely he is of the erring ones, <section end="26:86"/>

87 <section begin="26:87"/>And disgrace me not on the day when they are raised -- <section end="26:87"/>

88 <section begin="26:88"/>The day when wealth will not avail, nor sons, <section end="26:88"/>

89 <section begin="26:89"/>Save him who comes to Allah with a sound heart. <section end="26:89"/>

90 <section begin="26:90"/>And the Garden is brought near for the dutiful, <section end="26:90"/>

91 <section begin="26:91"/>And hell is made manifest to the deviators, <section end="26:91"/>

92 <section begin="26:92"/>And it is said to them: Where are those that you worshipped <section end="26:92"/>

93 <section begin="26:93"/>Besides Allah? Can they help you or help themselves? <section end="26:93"/>

94 <section begin="26:94"/>So they are hurled into it, they and the deviators, <section end="26:94"/>

95 <section begin="26:95"/>And the hosts of the devil, all. <section end="26:95"/>

96 <section begin="26:96"/>They will say, while they quarrel therein <section end="26:96"/>

97 <section begin="26:97"/>By Allah We were certainly in manifest error, <section end="26:97"/>

98 <section begin="26:98"/>When we made you equal with the Lord of the worlds. <section end="26:98"/>

99 <section begin="26:99"/>And none but the guilty led us astray. <section end="26:99"/>

100 <section begin="26:100"/>So we have no intercessors, <section end="26:100"/>

101 <section begin="26:101"/>Nor a true friend. <section end="26:101"/>

102 <section begin="26:102"/>Now, if we could but once return, we would be believers. <section end="26:102"/>

103 <section begin="26:103"/>Surely there is a sign in this yet most of them believe not. <section end="26:103"/>

104 <section begin="26:104"/>And surely thy Lord is the Mighty, the Merciful. <section end="26:104"/>

* * *
105 <section

begin="26:105"/>The people of Noah rejected the messengers. <section end="26:105"/>

106 <section begin="26:106"/>When their brother Noah said to them: Will you not guard against evil? <section end="26:106"/>

107 <section begin="26:107"/>Surely I am a faithful messenger to you: <section end="26:107"/>

108 <section begin="26:108"/>So keep your duty to Allah and obey me. <section end="26:108"/>

109 <section begin="26:109"/>And I ask of you no reward for it my reward is only with the Lord of the worlds. <section end="26:109"/>

110 <section begin="26:110"/>So keep your duty to Allah and obey me. <section end="26:110"/>

111 <section begin="26:111"/>They said: Shall we believe in thee and the meanest follow thee? <section end="26:111"/>

112 <section begin="26:112"/>He said: And what knowledge have I of what they did? <section end="26:112"/>

113 <section begin="26:113"/>Their reckoning is only with my Lord, if you but perceive. <section end="26:113"/>

114 <section begin="26:114"/>And I am not going to drive away the believers <section end="26:114"/>

115 <section begin="26:115"/>I am only a plain warner. <section end="26:115"/>

116 <section begin="26:116"/>They said: If thou desist not, O Noah, thou wilt certainly be stoned to death. <section end="26:116"/>

117 <section begin="26:117"/>He said: My Lord, my people give me the lie. <section end="26:117"/>

118 <section begin="26:118"/>So judge Thou between me and them openly, and deliver me and the believers who are with me. <section end="26:118"/>

119 <section begin="26:119"/>So We delivered him and those with him in the laden ark. <section end="26:119"/>

120 <section begin="26:120"/>Then We drowned the rest afterwards. <section end="26:120"/>

121 <section begin="26:121"/>Surely there is sign in this, yet most of them believe not. <section end="26:121"/>

122 <section begin="26:122"/>And surely thy Lord is the Mighty, the Merciful. <section end="26:122"/>

* * *
123 <section

begin="26:123"/>'Ad gave the lie to the messengers. <section end="26:123"/>

124 <section begin="26:124"/>When their brother Hud said to them: Will you not guard against evil? <section end="26:124"/>

125 <section begin="26:125"/>Surely I am a faithful messenger to you: <section end="26:125"/>

126 <section begin="26:126"/>So keep your duty to Allah and obey me. <section end="26:126"/>

127 <section begin="26:127"/>And I ask of you no reward for it; surely my reward is only with the Lord of the worlds. <section end="26:127"/>

128 <section begin="26:128"/>Do you build on every height a monument? You (only) sport. <section end="26:128"/>

129 <section begin="26:129"/>And you make fortresses that you may abide. <section end="26:129"/>

130 <section begin="26:130"/>And when you seize, you seize as tyrants. <section end="26:130"/>

131 <section begin="26:131"/>So keep your duty to Allah and obey me. <section end="26:131"/>

132 <section begin="26:132"/>And keep your duty to Him Who aids you with that which you know -- <section end="26:132"/>

133 <section begin="26:133"/>He aids you with cattle and children <section end="26:133"/>

134 <section begin="26:134"/>And gardens and fountains. <section end="26:134"/>

135 <section begin="26:135"/>Surely I fear for you the chastisement of a grievous day. <section end="26:135"/>

136 <section begin="26:136"/>They said: It is the same to us whether thou admonish, or art not one of the admonishers: <section end="26:136"/>

137 <section begin="26:137"/>This is naught but a fabrication of the ancients: <section end="26:137"/>

138 <section begin="26:138"/>And we will not be chastised. <section end="26:138"/>

139 <section begin="26:139"/>So they rejected him, then We destroyed them. Surely there is a sign in this; yet most of them believe not. <section end="26:139"/>

140 <section begin="26:140"/>And surely thy Lord is the Mighty, the Merciful; <section end="26:140"/>

* * *
141 <section

begin="26:141"/>Thamud gave the lie to the messengers. <section end="26:141"/>

142 <section begin="26:142"/>When their brother Salih said to them: Will you not guard against evil? <section end="26:142"/>

143 <section begin="26:143"/>Surely I am a faithful messenger to you: <section end="26:143"/>

144 <section begin="26:144"/>So keep your duty to Allah and obey me. <section end="26:144"/>

145 <section begin="26:145"/>And I ask of you no reward for it; my reward is only with the Lord of the worlds. <section end="26:145"/>

146 <section begin="26:146"/>Will you be left secure in what is here, <section end="26:146"/>

147 <section begin="26:147"/>In gardens and fountains, <section end="26:147"/>

148 <section begin="26:148"/>And corn-fields and palm-trees having fine flower-spikes? <section end="26:148"/>

149 <section begin="26:149"/>And you hew houses out of the mountains exultingly. <section end="26:149"/>

150 <section begin="26:150"/>So keep your duty to Allah and obey me. <section end="26:150"/>

151 <section begin="26:151"/>And obey not the bidding of the extravagant, <section end="26:151"/>

152 <section begin="26:152"/>Who make mischief in the land and act nor aright. <section end="26:152"/>

153 <section begin="26:153"/>They said: Thou art only a deluded person. <section end="26:153"/>

154 <section begin="26:154"/>Thou art naught but a mortal like ourselves -- so bring a sign if thou art truthful. <section end="26:154"/>

155 <section begin="26:155"/>He said: This is a she-camel she has her portion of water, and you have your portion of water at an appointed time. <section end="26:155"/>

156 <section begin="26:156"/>And touch her not with evil, lest the chastisement of a grievous day overtake you. <section end="26:156"/>

157 <section begin="26:157"/>But they hamstrung her, then regretted, <section end="26:157"/>

158 <section begin="26:158"/>So the chastisement overtook them. Surely there is a sign in this yet most of them believe not. <section end="26:158"/>

159 <section begin="26:159"/>And surely thy Lord is the Mighty, the Merciful. <section end="26:159"/>

* * *
160 <section

begin="26:160"/>The people of Lot gave the lie to the messengers. <section end="26:160"/>

161 <section begin="26:161"/>When their brother Lot said to them: Will you not guard against evil? <section end="26:161"/>

162 <section begin="26:162"/>Surely I am a faithful messenger to you: <section end="26:162"/>

163 <section begin="26:163"/>So keep your duty to Allah and obey me. <section end="26:163"/>

164 <section begin="26:164"/>And I ask of you no reward for it my reward is only with the Lord of the worlds. <section end="26:164"/>

165 <section begin="26:165"/>Do you come to the males from among the creatures, <section end="26:165"/>

166 <section begin="26:166"/>And leave your wives whom your Lord has created for you? Nay, you are a people exceeding limits. <section end="26:166"/>

167 <section begin="26:167"/>They said: If thou desist not, O Lot, thou wilt surely be banished. <section end="26:167"/>

168 <section begin="26:168"/>He said: Surely I abhor what you do. <section end="26:168"/>

169 <section begin="26:169"/>My Lord, deliver me and my followers from what they do. <section end="26:169"/>

170 <section begin="26:170"/>So We delivered him and his followers all, <section end="26:170"/>

171 <section begin="26:171"/>Except an old woman, among those who remained behind. <section end="26:171"/>

172 <section begin="26:172"/>Then We destroyed the others. <section end="26:172"/>

173 <section begin="26:173"/>And We rained on them a rain, and evil was the rain on those warned. <section end="26:173"/>

174 <section begin="26:174"/>Surely there is a sign in this yet most of them believe not. <section end="26:174"/>

175 <section begin="26:175"/>And surely thy Lord is the Mighty, the Merciful. <section end="26:175"/>

* * *
176 <section

begin="26:176"/>The dwellers of the thicket gave the lie to the messengers. <section end="26:176"/>

177 <section begin="26:177"/>When Shu'aib said to them: Will you not guard against evil? <section end="26:177"/>

178 <section begin="26:178"/>Surely I am a faithful messenger to you; <section end="26:178"/>

179 <section begin="26:179"/>So keep your duty to Allah and obey me. <section end="26:179"/>

180 <section begin="26:180"/>And I ask of you no reward for it; my reward is only with the Lord of the worlds. <section end="26:180"/>

181 <section begin="26:181"/>Give full measure and be not of those who diminish. <section end="26:181"/>

182 <section begin="26:182"/>And weigh with a true balance. <section end="26:182"/>

183 <section begin="26:183"/>And wrong not men of their dues, and act not corruptly in the earth, making mischief. <section end="26:183"/>

184 <section begin="26:184"/>And keep your duty to Him Who created you and the former generations. <section end="26:184"/>

185 <section begin="26:185"/>They said: Thou art only a deluded person, <section end="26:185"/>

186 <section begin="26:186"/>And thou art naught but a mortal like ourselves, and we deem thee to be a liar. <section end="26:186"/>

187 <section begin="26:187"/>So cause a portion of heaven to fall on us, if thou art truthful. <section end="26:187"/>

188 <section begin="26:188"/>He said: My Lord knows best what you do. <section end="26:188"/>

189 <section begin="26:189"/>But they rejected him, so the chastisement of the day of Covering overtook them. Surely it was the chastisement of a grievous day! <section end="26:189"/>

190 <section begin="26:190"/>Surely there is a sign in this yet must of them believe not. <section end="26:190"/>

191 <section begin="26:191"/>And surely thy Lord is the Mighty, the Merciful. <section end="26:191"/>

* * *
192 <section

begin="26:192"/>And surely this is a revelation from the Lord of the worlds. <section end="26:192"/>

193 <section begin="26:193"/>The Faithful Spirit has brought it <section end="26:193"/>

194 <section begin="26:194"/>On thy heart that thou mayest be a warner, <section end="26:194"/>

195 <section begin="26:195"/>In plain Arabic language. <section end="26:195"/>

196 <section begin="26:196"/>And surely the same is in the Scriptures of the ancients. <section end="26:196"/>

197 <section begin="26:197"/>Is it not a sign to them that the learned men of the Children of Israel know it? <section end="26:197"/>

198 <section begin="26:198"/>And if We had revealed it to any of the foreigners, <section end="26:198"/>

199 <section begin="26:199"/>And he had read it to them, they would not have believed in it. <section end="26:199"/>

200 <section begin="26:200"/>Thus do We cause it to enter into the hearts of the guilty. <section end="26:200"/>

201 <section begin="26:201"/>They will not believe in it till they see the painful chastisement: <section end="26:201"/>

202 <section begin="26:202"/>So it will come to them suddenly, while they perceive not; <section end="26:202"/>

203 <section begin="26:203"/>Then they will say: Shall we be respited? <section end="26:203"/>

204 <section begin="26:204"/>Do they still seek to hasten on Our chastisement? <section end="26:204"/>

205 <section begin="26:205"/>Seest thou, if We let them enjoy themselves for years, <section end="26:205"/>

206 <section begin="26:206"/>Then that which they are promised comes to them <section end="26:206"/>

207 <section begin="26:207"/>That which they were made to enjoy will not avail them? <section end="26:207"/>

208 <section begin="26:208"/>And We destroyed no town but it had (its) warners <section end="26:208"/>

209 <section begin="26:209"/>To remind. And We are never unjust. <section end="26:209"/>

210 <section begin="26:210"/>And the devils have not brought it. <section end="26:210"/>

211 <section begin="26:211"/>And it behoves them not, nor have they the power to do (it). <section end="26:211"/>

212 <section begin="26:212"/>Surely they are far removed from hearing it. <section end="26:212"/>

213 <section begin="26:213"/>So call not upon another god with Allah, lest thou be of those who are chastised. <section end="26:213"/>

214 <section begin="26:214"/>And warn thy nearest relations, <section end="26:214"/>

215 <section begin="26:215"/>And lower thy wing to the believers who follow thee. <section end="26:215"/>

216 <section begin="26:216"/>But if they disobey thee, say I am clear of what you do. <section end="26:216"/>

217 <section begin="26:217"/>And rely on the Mighty, the Merciful, <section end="26:217"/>

218 <section begin="26:218"/>Who sees thee when thou standest up, <section end="26:218"/>

219 <section begin="26:219"/>And thy movements among those who prostrate themselves. <section end="26:219"/>

220 <section begin="26:220"/>Surely He is the Hearing, the Knowing. <section end="26:220"/>

221 <section begin="26:221"/>Shall I inform you upon whom the devils descend? <section end="26:221"/>

222 <section begin="26:222"/>They descend upon every lying, sinful one -- <section end="26:222"/>

223 <section begin="26:223"/>They give ear, and most of them are liars. <section end="26:223"/>

224 <section begin="26:224"/>And the poets -- the deviators follow them. <section end="26:224"/>

225 <section begin="26:225"/>Seest thou not that they wander in every valley, <section end="26:225"/>

226 <section begin="26:226"/>And that they say that which they do not? <section end="26:226"/>

227 <section begin="26:227"/>Except those who believe and do good and remember Allah much, and defend themselves after they are oppressed. And they who do wrong, will know to what final place of turning they will turn back. <section end="26:227"/>

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