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Welcome to the religion-wiki. Multiple points of view on religion coexist here. All religions are welcome.

This page serves as a contact point for visitors from other wikis. The "wiki-node" concept [1] is something like the idea of web-rings.

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Active Wikis

  • Bible Wiki A user-created free scholarly commentary to the entire text of the Christian Bible.
  • Connecting Canadian Christians with a heart for media ministry.
  • Jesus Database Historical Jesus research.
  • OrthodoxWiki An encyclopedia and information center for Orthodox Christianity.
  • Lutheran Hymn Tune Music Lutheran hymn tune music.
  • ReformedWord A Moral Encyclopedia of Knowledge and a Linguistic Tool for Studying God's Word.
  • SAWiki is an online encyclopedia covering all aspects of the Salvation Army.
  • Theopedia An online encyclopedia of Christianity and Biblical Theology
  • WikiChristian An encyclopedia and discussion forum for all Christians to share their faith.
  • Textus Receptus A wiki promoting the Textus Receptus and versions translated from it.
  • The Global Anabaptist Wiki An interactive community of Anabaptist-Mennonite groups from around the world.

Barely Active Wikis

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