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Mar Thoma IX
Malankara Church.
Enthroned 1816.
Predecessor Mar Thoma VIII
Successor Pulikkottil Joseph Mar Dionysious I (Mar Thoma X)
Personal details
Birth name Iype
Born Kadamattam
Died Kadamattam
Buried Kadamattam

Mar Thoma IX was the ninth Metropolitan of the Malankara Church in Kerala, India. In 1816, he was consecrated by Mar Thoma VIII without the consent of the people. So he was not able to take charge as the Malankara Metropolitan.


Kadamattom is about 30 km from Ernakulam on the way Muvattupuzhe. It is believed that the church here was built in AD 864 by Mar Abo, a syriac bishop or priest from Persia. He taught Poulose a boy living nearby and ordained him as a deacon. For the next twelve years whereabouts of deacon Poulose was unknown. It is said that he mastered Magical powers during this period. When he returned, he was ordained as a Kathanar (priest) and is now known as Kadamattathu Kathanar. [1]


Iype an uncle of Mar Thoma VIII was born at Kadamattathu. He was ordained as a Kathanar and was called Iype Kathanar. While Mar Thoma VIII was on his death bed, he called Iype Kathanar, laid his hands on him, and consecrated him as his successor Mar Thoma IX.

As Metropolitan

Mar Thoma VIII consecrated Mar Thoma IX, without the consent of the people. A meeting of the representatives of the parishes were held and they selected more popular Pulikottil Ittoop Ramban as the next Metropolitan.So Mar Thoma IX was not able to continue his duties as Malankara Metropolitan.[2]

Last days

He retired to Kadamattom palli, his home parish, and spent the rest of his days in prayer and fasting. Because a Metropolitan cannot be excommunicated he continued as a bishop till the end of his life. He was laid to rest at Kadamattom palli. (church)

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