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Malyaban or Malyavan (Tamil: Maliyavan, Thai/Malay: Maliwan) was the Chief Royal Adviser to the Emperor of Lanka, Ravana. Malyavan was a respected voice within the intellectual and royal circles in Lanka. It is noted that Malyavan was an intellectual who was well-versed in scriptures and was known for holding his ground, despite being the dissenting voice.

Actually Malyavan was the elder brother of Ravana's actual maternal grandfather Sumali and once used to be the figurehead ruler of Lanka, later Ravana reconquered it.

In addition to the royal protocol relations that he had with Ravana, he was the maternal grandfather of Ravana, therefore, he had a dual relationship. In the latter relationship, he was known for trying to persuade Ravana outside the chambers of protocol and advising him as a grandfather. Ravana respected him tremendously because of their relation and due to his intelligence.

Malyavan was against the war with Lord Rama and had tried to convince Ravana to let go to Sita; however, all his advise was rejected by Ravan. After the death of Ravan, Malyavan remained in his position and became the chief adviser to Vibishana, Ravana's younger brother and Malyavan's second grandson.

Malyavan's wife was Sundari who was very beautiful. She had eight sons - Vajramushti, Viroopaaksh, Durmukh, Suptaghn, Yagyakop, Matt and Unmatt; and one beautiful daughter named Analaa.