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Mahāyāna-sūtrālamkāra-kārikā ("The Adornment of Mahāyāna Sūtras") is a major work of Buddhist philosophy attributed to Maitreya-nātha as dictated to Asanga. The text, written in verse, presents the Mahāyāna path from the Yogācāra perspective. It comprises twenty-two chapters with a total of 800 verses and shows considerable similarity in arrangement and content to the Bodhisattva-bhūmi-śāstra, although the interesting first chapter proving the validity and authenticity of Mahāyāna is unique to this work. Associated with it is a prose commentary (bhāsya) by Vasubandhu and several sub-comentaries by Sthiramati and others; the portions by Maitreya-nātha and Vasubandhu both survive in Sanskri as well as Tibetan, Chinese, and Mongolian translations.

In English translation

The Mahayanasutralamkara has been translated into English by Lobsang Jamspal, Robert Thurman and the American Institute of Buddhist Studies translation committee.[1]


  1. Universal Vehicle Discourse Literature (Mahayanasutralamkara) (Treasury of the Buddhist Sciences) by Lobsang Jamspal, Robert Thurman and the American Institute of Buddhist Studies translation committee. American Institute of Buddhist Studies. New York: 2004: ISBN 0975373404
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