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The following is a list of Yoruba deities

Supreme being


  • Aganju - Orisha of volcanoes, the wilderness and rivers
  • Aja - Orisha of the forest, the animals within it, and herbal healing
  • Ayao - Orisha of air
  • Babalu Aye - Orisha of the Earth and strongly associated with infectious disease (particularly smallpox, leprosy and AIDS) and healing
  • Egungun-oya - Orisha of divination
  • Erinle - Orisha of medicine, healing, and comfort, physician to the gods; in Santería he is also regarded as a patron of gay people
  • Eshu - trickster, psychopomp and Orisha of crossroads, duality, beginnings, travelers, fertility and death
  • Kokou - a violent warrior Orisha
  • Oba - first wife of Shango and Orisha of domesticity and marriage
  • Obatala - creator of human bodies; Orisha of light, spiritual purity, and moral uprightness
  • Ogoun - Orisha who presides over fire, iron, hunting, politics and war
  • Olokun - patron Orisha of the descendants of Africans who were carried away during the Atlantic Slave Trade or Middle Passage
  • Oshun - Orisha who presides over love, intimacy, beauty, wealth and diplomacy
  • Oshunmare - divine rainbow serpent associated with creation and procreation
  • Oxossi - Orisha of the forest
  • Oya - Orisha of the Niger River; associated with wind, lightning, fertility, fire, and magic
  • Sopona - Orisha of smallpox
  • Shango - Orisha of thunder and lightning
  • Yemaja - a mother goddess; patron deity of women, especially pregnant women, and the Ogun river


  • Orunmila - spirit of wisdom, divination, destiny, and foresight
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