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Dharma Wheel
Portal of Buddhism
Outline of Buddhism

History of Buddhism

Timeline - Buddhist councils

Major figures

Gautama Buddha
Disciples · Later Buddhists

Dharma or concepts

Four Noble Truths
Noble Eightfold Path
Three marks of existence
Dependent origination
Saṃsāra · Nirvāṇa
Skandha · Cosmology
Karma · Rebirth

Practices and attainment

Buddhahood · Bodhisattva
4 stages of enlightenment
Wisdom · Meditation
Smarana · Precepts · Pāramitās
Three Jewels · Monastics

Countries and regions


Theravāda · Mahāyāna


Chinese canon · Pali canon
Tibetan canon

Related topics

Comparative studies
Cultural elements

A number of noted individuals have been Buddhists.

Historical Buddhist thinkers and founders of schools

Individuals are grouped by nationality, except in cases where the vast majority of their influence was felt elsewhere. Gautama Buddha and his contemporary disciples ('Buddhists') are listed separately from later Indian Buddhist thinkers, teachers and contemplatives.

Buddha's disciples and early Buddhists

See also: Disciples of the Buddha and Family of the Buddha

Later Indian Buddhists (after Buddha)


Central Asian







Historical rulers and political figures

Modern teachers

Theravada teachers

Tibetan Buddhist teachers

Zen teachers








Modern Buddhist authors

Modern politicians, activists, and protesters

Celebrity Buddhists

Fictional Buddhists

See also


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