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The Rainbow Snake is a common feature of the mythology and art of indigenous Australian cultures

The following is a list of Australian Aboriginal deities and spirits.

New South Wales

  • Birrahgnooloo, Kamilaroi goddess of fertility who would send floods if properly asked
  • Dirawong, Bundjalung creator being
  • Wurrunna, culture hero

Northern Territory

  • Adnoartina, the lizard guard of Uluru
  • Altjira, Arrernte sky god who created the earth
  • Ankotarinja, first man of Arrernte mythology
  • Bahloo, Karraur lunar deity
  • Bamapana, Murngin trickster spirit who creates discord
  • Banaitja, creator deity
  • Barnumbirr, Yolgnu creator spirit
  • Barraiya, creator of the first vagina
  • Eingana, creator goddess
  • Bobbi-Bobbi, benevolent Binbinga snake deity
  • Djanggawul, three creator-siblings of northeast Arnhem Land mythology
  • Galeru, rainbow snake in Arnhem Land mythology who swallowed the Djanggawul
  • Djunkgao, group of sisters associated with floods and ocean currents
  • Jar'Edo Wens, Arrernte god of earthly knowledge and physical might, created by Altjira to ensure that people did not get too arrogant or self-conceited
  • Julunggul, Yolgnu rainbow snake goddess associated with initiation, fertility, rebirth and water
  • Karora, creator god
  • Kunapipi, mother goddess and the patron deity of many heroes
  • Malingee, malignant nocturnal spirit
  • Mamaragan, lightning deity
  • Mangar-kunjer-kunja, Arrernte lizard deity who created humans
  • Mimi, fairy-like beings of Arnhem Land
  • Minawara and Multultu, legendary ancestors of the Nambutji
  • Mokoi, evil Murgnin spirit who kidnapped and ate children
  • Ngintaka, Pitjantjatjara creator being
  • Nogomain, god who gives spirit children to mortal parents
  • Numakulla, two sky gods who created all life on earth
  • Papinijuwari, a type of one-eyed giant which feeds on the bodies of the dead and the blood of the sick
  • Ulanji, snake-ancestor of the Binbinga
  • Wala, solar goddess
  • Wawalag, Murgnin sisters who were swallowed by Yurlungur, only to be regurgitated
  • Wollunqua, snake-deity associated with rain and fertility
  • Wuluwaid, rain god of Arnhem Land
  • Wuriupranili, solar goddess whose torch is the sun
  • Wurugag and Waramurungundi, first man and woman of Gunwinggu legend
  • Yhi, Karraur solar goddess associated with light and creation
  • Yurlungur, Murgnin snake deity who swallowed and regurgitated the Wawalag sisters; associated with initiation and rebirth


  • Anjea, fertility goddess or spirit, in whom people's souls reside between their incarnations
  • Dhakhan, ancestral god of the Kabi
  • I'wai, culture hero of the Kuuku-Ya'u
  • Yalungur, great bird deity

South Australia

  • Akurra, great snake deity of the Adnyamathanha people
  • Bunyip, mythical creature said to lurk in swamps, billabongs, creeks, riverbeds, and waterholes
  • Mar'rallang, mythical twin sisters
  • Muldjewangk, water spirit or spirits inhabiting the Murray River
  • Ngintaka, Pitjantjatjara creator being
  • Tjilbruke, Kaurna creation ancestor


  • Crow (Waa), Kulin trickster, culture hero and ancestral being
  • Baiame, southeast Australian creational ancestral hero
  • Balayang, bat deity and brother of Bunjil
  • Binbeal, Kulin rainbow deity and son of Bunjil
  • Bunjil, Kulin creator deity and ancestral being, represented as an eagle
  • Bunyip, mythical creature said to lurk in swamps, billabongs, creeks, riverbeds, and waterholes
  • Daramulum, southeast Australian deity and son of Baiame
  • Gnowee, solar goddess who searches daily for her lost son; her torch is the sun
  • Karatgurk, seven sisters who represent the Pleiades star cluster
  • Kondole, man who became the first whale
  • Nargun, fierce half-human, half-stone female creature of Gunai legend
  • Pundjel, creator deity involved in the initiation of boys
  • Thinan-malkia, evil spirit who captures victims with nets that entangle their feet
  • Tiddalik, frog of southeast Australian legend who drank all the water in the land, and had to be made to laugh to regurgitate it
  • Wambeen, evil lightning-hurling figure who targets travellers

Western Australia

  • Bagadjimbiri, a pair of Karadjeri creator-spirits
  • Dilga, Karadjeri goddess of fertility and growth, and mother of the Bagadjimbiri
  • Julana, lecherous Jumu spirit who surprises women by burrowing beneath the sand, leaping out, and raping them
  • Kidili, Mandjindja moon deity who was castrated for attempting to rape the first women, who in turn became the Pleiades
  • Ngariman, Karadjeri cat-man who killed the Bagadjimbiri and was drowned in revenge
  • Njirana, Jumu deity and father of Julana
  • Ungud, snake deity associated with rainbows and the fertility and erections of the tribe's shamans
  • Wagyl, Noongar snakelike creator being
  • Wati-kutjara, a pair of western Australian lizard-men
  • Wondjina, Mowanjum cloud or rain spirits


  • Rainbow Serpent, a common feature of the art and mythology of Aboriginal Australian cultures


  • Kinie Ger, evil half-man, half-cat beast
  • Thardid Jimbo, cannibalistic giant
  • Yara-ma-yha-who, monstrous bloodsucking creature