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Here is a list of Kirtan Websites on the World Wide Web. If you have created a website connected with Kirtan or know of someone else who has, feel free to add to the list. In order to help the website stand out we recommend that you write a sentence or two giving SikhiWiki users a feel for the theme or content of the site.

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  • 1). akj usa 2). akj bc 3). International akhand kirtan radio Akhand Kirtani Jatha International sites: The Akhand Kirtani Jatha is a spiritually uplifting sector under the umbrella of the Panth (The Global Sikh community) who follows the strict doctrinal teachings by the Sikh Guru's. Its primary activity is to recite the holy verses uttered by the Guru (Gurbani) along with simple musical accompaniments - this practice is known as Kirtan and has been actively encouraged by the Guru Sahib. Free Kirtan Downloads
  • Welcome to! All help with putting this project online has been owed to Akaal Purakh. The sole purpose of this project is to promote Keertan and tabla; as well as to spread the Guru's message - the Shabad. Free Kirtan Downloads
  • Calgary Keertan Kirtan from various Jathas in Calgary including: Raagi Bhai Parminder Singh (Ludiana Vale), Raagi Bhai Mohinder Singh (Sabka Hazoori Raagi Muksar Sahib), Raagi Bhai Harjeet Singh (DDT), Raagi Bhai Sandeep Singh (Hazoori Raagi Kesghar Sahib), Katha Vaachak Bhai Bachittar Singh, Kavishri Jatha To Be Announced
  • Dashmesh Darbar Radio- Live from Gurudwara Dashmesh Darbar Sahib Ji, New Jersey - 24/7 Live Gurbani, Katha, Kirtan & Dhadi.
  • Freedom and Leela, world music singers of Gurbani Kirtan, Gurmukhi Mantras and devotional chant music tour the globe singing their mesmerizing sounds to millions of listeners. They conduct kirtan chant seminars and workshops, and share their Gurbani Kirtan, and Bhakti music at concerts, centers and Sikh Gurudwaras.

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  • This is a site of Gurmat Gian Group It is a Kirtan Group of Sikh Female Musicians conducted by Gurpreet Kaur. Other members at present are Keerat Kaur and Japjit Kaur. Also see Gurmat Gian Group at wordpress. This group has many CD recordings to its credit. In this Blog Shabad Videos of Gurmat Gian Group are available. You are welcome to visit this site and enjoy beautiful melodious Kirtan. Also see Gurmat Gian Group for more information.
  • Official Web Site of Bhai Harjinder Singh Sri Nagarwala With blessing of Maharaj, we are now happy to bring you this dedicated website which will feature exclusive keertan, photos, and videos as well as bringing you the latest news about the jatha. Bookmark this website now because you will not want to miss out on the treats we have for you.
  • A comprehensive site offering free kirtan and katha audio and video download of hundreds of shabads. Users may also upload their kirtan and katha collection to share with the cyber-sangat. **A MUST TRY SITE **
  • Listen,enjoy and download the live-recorded Kirtan while surfing. In lieu of a commercially manufactured kirtan, our aim is to present a more natural kirtan. As an ongoing effort, new Shabads are continually added. Please visit us again
  • The Sikhpoint Radio provides an uninterrupted access to pure Gurbani, shabad kirtan and baanis, bestowing upon all, melodious divine pleasure for 24 hours a day.
  • GURBANI CHANAN Shabad Kirtan, Shabad Katha and Vichar to the lovers of Gurbani, Gur Shabad and Sikh Philosophy and Sikh Way of Life.
  • The Gurmat Sangeet Project is delighted to make available high quality recordings that are reflective of the rich traditions of Gurmat Sangeet. Free Kirtan Downloads
  • This site has Katha, Kirtan, comprehensive Gurbani download by Bhai Jarnail Singh (Damdami Taksal wale), videos of kirtan, pictures (some very unique old photos of renowned Sikh personalites), literature (in Punjabi), Free Kirtan & Katha Downloads

Through this site you can downloads Kirtan and Katha Samaagams held in Delhi.You can also download Kirtan from Sachkhand Sri Harmandir Sahib Ji,Darbar Sahib Ji

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  • Official Web Site of Bhai Niranjan Singh JK Bhai Sahib has been rendering Gurbani Kirtan in Various Ragas for over 22 years at religious and historical places throughout the world. Bhai Sahibs jatha has been blessed with the reputation of being amongst the most sought after Kirtani Jathas throughout the world and is regularly invited to do kirtan at many different countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. (waheguroo network): Biggest Kirtan Collection Anywhere Free Kirtan Downloads
  • Kabira: This website has great information on the Sikh religion and amazing Sikhism related photos and much much more!!!. sister of Ikeertan (waheguroo network), together total 1100GB of keertan ; Free Kirtan download!
  • Simply to collect Kirtan information on the web and present in one easy interface without discrimination or affiliation to any group for the humanity and initiate new thinking and ways to promote kirtan in the world. Free Kirtan downloads via links
Kirtan Sewa UK The aim of Kirtan Seva UK, is to bring world-famous Kirtani Jathas to the UK! This can only be done through Guru Sahibs Kirpa, and with the support of a number of Gurdwaras, Kirtan Seva UK is run by independent sevadars who enjoy kirtan, but are not attached to any particular Gurdwara! Kirtan Seva UK would like to thank Gurdwara Nanaksar Thath Isher Darbar, Wolverhampton for their full support! Events arranged by Kirtan Seva UK team include Atamras Kirtan Darbar 2004 and Atamras Kirtan Darbar 2006. Free Kirtan download Over 150GB of audio and video: Keertan, Katha, Veechar, and more!

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  • The Sikh Youth of Ontario are proud to launch this website, which will bring unity amongst the youth of Ontario, and have communication with other youth groups all across the country and around the world. This website is not associated with any particular jatha and it is not an organization. The uniqueness of is that we will be updating our site on a weekly basis and/or after each event. We promote local Youth Keertan Darbars, local Sikh Youth events going on in surrounding areas all across Ontario. The keertan darbars are in no particular style, all kirtan styles are welcome. The main target is unity among all groups/SSA, and by us all working together, we can all in Vaheguru's name, bring peace and happiness and make a path for our future generations. For additional information, please visit us at This website cannot possibly continue without the power of the sangat.]
    (As on November 3, 2008 this site does not appear to be working)

  •[1] This is a site dedicated to the life and work of the late Bhai Jasbir Singh Khalsa who was the first and only parcharak ever to be formally conferred with the title of “Panthrattan” by Sri Akal Takth Sahib. This site contains, amongst other things, more than eighty hours of kirtan by Bhai Sahib. The site is not associated with any particular jatha and it is not an organization. Bhai Sahib's style of kirtan was simple yet mesmerizing.

  • Listen to online Kirtan - Real Player or Real Alternative is required to play these recordings and samples.
Raj Karega Khalsa Network This site is run by sangat for sangat and could not be run without the donation of media content - audio, video, presentations, literature, images, and other uploads by yourselves. Download free images, Kirtan, Katha, Literature, etc.


  • Official Web Site of Sant Anoop Singh The Una Sahib dera is 200 years old, and is currently being served by the sewa of Sant Anoop Singh Ji with the blessings of Sant Baba Satnam Singhji. Besides promoting the mission of Bhai Kanhaiya Ji at this center, Sant Ji is very well known and respected in the Sikh Kirtan world. He is well versed in his travels throughout the world, including countries like the United States of America, England, Germany, France, Singapore and numerous others.
Download Shabad Kirtan Gurbani Keertan Sikh Sangeet Hymns & Ragas Keertan from Hazuri Ragis, Also Download Shabad Kirtan.
  • A huge amount of Sikh multimedia aimed at uplifting your spirit. Free mp3s, photos and videos to download. The One Place For searching all the keertan sites simultaneously, we search on more than 30 sites (sites are added on request of our users, anyone can add) It searches for both downloadable as well as streaming media depending on your choice.
(As on November 3, 2008 this site does not appear to be working)
  • Sikh Sangeet Listen, Stream and Download high-quality MP3 files of Shabad Kirtan, Gurbani Uchaaran (Shri Guru Granth Sahib recital in MP3 format), Gurmat Veechar, Dharmik Songs, Live Recorded and Dhadi Vaaran. Free Kirtan Downloads
  • Hundreds of tracks of audio stream - press the + sign to expand the entry. (MP3 needs registration) Massive Kirtan Database - Niskam Sewa - Free Kirtan Downloads - this site replaces Ektaone which is now closed.
  • Great collection of NEW/RARE kirtan recordings from smaagams, raensbayees and kirtan programs from around the world. Our kirtan section is updated every week ! Launched this year in January 2008, has grown to over 100 GB of free online recordings/videos and more ! Free Kirtan Katha and Video downloads
  • Updates on NEW Keertan files, Videos, Pictures and much much MORE !! Stay uptodate here with NEW additions to the site along with weekly Inspirational Posts and other News!! Visit our blog to stay uptodate !!
  • Special Video on Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji has been prepared as a humble Tribute on the 400th Sacred Martyrdom Day. Please watch the Video titled "Bhane Jevad Hor Daat Nahi". Please also watch the first volume titled "Satgur Mera Sarab Pritpalai", "Satgur Mera Maar Jeevalai", etc. It is available for free viewing here. Videos, kirtan and katha of Sikh history - Free Kirtan Katha Video downloads
  • Updates are as Follows: - More Bani has been added! Accapella Jatha's Keertan added! New Article of the week! Audio Is Updated daily!!
  • Real audio streaming audio Kathas based on the sayings of Baba Nand Singh ji with Kirtan.

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  • Established in 2000, Waheguroo! Network is the fastest growing Sikhi portal on the net. which includes Waheguroo network | waheguroo forum | | Khalsa.TV | | | | panthic radio | panthic weekly news etc.


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