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Khordeh Avesta ("little Avesta") may refer to either:

  • a formal category of certain short Avestan language texts. For a list of nineteen texts (in four classes of texts) included in this category, see Khordeh Avesta texts.
  • a Zoroastrian prayer book for lay people. It includes not only the texts of the category, but also any other texts that the publishers might choose to add. There are numerous Khordeh Avesta editions, some of which are so comprehensive that they include virtually all the texts of the Avesta. Most Khordeh Avesta editions also include selected non-Avestan language texts (i.e. texts of Zoroastrian tradition). In the widest possible sense, a Khordeh Avesta edition could include all material for lay use, which includes everything but the Yasna, Visparad and Vendidad.

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