In Norse mythology, Jörð (Old Norse "earth", pronounced ˈjɔrð, sometimes anglicized as Jord or Jorth) is a female jötunn, the mother of Thor and Meili, and the personification of the Earth. Fjörgyn and Hlôdyn are considered to be other names for Jörð. Jörð is reckoned a goddess, like other jötnar who coupled with the gods.[1] Jörð's name appears in skaldic poetry both as a poetic term for the land and in kennings for Thor.


Jörð is the common word for earth in Old Norse, as are the word's descendants in the modern Scandinavian languages; Icelandic jörð, Faroese jørð, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian jord. It is cognate to English "earth" through Old English eorðe.[2]



In Gylfaginning, the first part of the Prose Edda, Jörð is described as one of Odin's concubines and the mother of Thor.[3]


In Snorri Sturluson's Skáldskaparmál, Jörð is called the rival of Odin's wife Frigg and his other giantess concubines, Rindr and Gunnlöd. She is the daughter of Annar and Nótt and half-sister of Auðr and Dagr.[4]


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