Francis Schaeffer

Founder of the L'Abri community
Born January 30, 1912(1912-01-30)
Died May 15, 1984 (aged 72)
Rochester, Minnesota
Occupation Christian philosopher and church leader
Spouse(s) Edith Seville
Children Priscilla Sandri; Susan Macaulay; Debbie Middleman; Frank Schaeffer

Francis A. Schaeffer (1912-1984) is most famous for his writing and his establishment of the L'Abri community. Described as 'the last modern theologian' — but opposed to theological Modernism —, Schaeffer was deeply committed to an Orthodox Protestant faith which answered the questions of the age.



  • Art and the Bible (1973)
  • Back to Freedom and Dignity (1972)
  • Basic Bible Studies (1972)
  • Christian Manifesto, A
  • Church At The End of the Twentieth Century, The
  • Church Before The Watching World, The - A Practical Ecclesiology
  • Corruption vs. True Spirituality
  • Death In The City
  • Escape From Reason (1968)
  • Everybody Can Know
  • Finished Work of Christ, The: The Truth of Romans 1-8
  • Genesis in Space and Time:The Flow of Biblical History (1972)
  • Great Evangelical Disaster, The
  • God Who Is There, The (1968)
  • He Is There and He Is Not Silent (1972)
  • How Should We Then Live?
  • Joshua and the Flow of Biblical History (1975)
  • Letters of Francis Schaeffer
  • Mark of the Christian, The
  • New Super-Spirituality, The
  • No Final Conflict (1975)
  • No Little People
  • Pollution and the Death of Man: A Christian View of Ecology
  • True Spirituality
  • Two Contents, Two Realities
  • Whatever Happened To The Human Race
  • Who Is For Life?
  • Who Is For Peace?


  • "...the hippies of the 1960s did understand something. They were right in fighting the plastic culture, and the church should have been fighting it too... More than this, they were right in the fact that the plastic culture - modern man, the mechanistic worldview in university textbooks and in practice, the total threat of the machine, the establishment technology, the bourgeois upper middle class - is poor in its sensitivity to nature... As a utopian group, the counterculture understands something very real, both as to the culture as a culture, but also as to the poverty of modern man's concept of nature and the way the machine is eating up nature on every side." (Pollution and the Death of Man)
  • "If Christianity is really true, then it involves the whole man, including his intellect and creativeness. Christianity is not just "dogmatically" true or "doctrinally" true. Rather, it is true to what is there, true in the whole area of the whole man in all of life." - (Art and the Bible)

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