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The Faith of the Drowned God is a fictional religion appearing in the A Song of Ice and Fire book series by George R.R. Martin, and in its television adaption; Game of Thrones. 

The Faith of the Drowned God is a Westerosi religion practiced exclusively by the Ironborn of the Iron Isles. The religion predates the Andal invasion, and supports the Ironborn's naval pirate tradition.



Like the people that worship him, the Drowned God is a harsh deity. The Ironborn teach that the Drowned God brought flame from the sea, and sailed the world with fire and sword. He created the Ironborn to reave and rape, to carve out kingdoms and make their names known in fire and blood and song. The Drowned God's eternal enemy is the Storm God, who resides in a great hall in the clouds, and uses ravens as his servants. It is said that the two gods have been at war for millennia and that the sea roils in anger when the two clash. 


Drowning features prominently in the Faith of the Drowned God. Ironborn are "drowned" in salt-water after birth, in order to commit their bodies to the sea, so that they may find their way to the Drowned God's watery halls in death. Drowning is also a method of execution, with the victims being sacrificed to the Drowned God.

Ironborn themselves do not fear drowning, going so far as to wear full suits of armor in naval combat. When an Ironborn drowns, it is said that the Drowned God was in need of a strong oarsman, and that the worthy Ironborn will be feasted in the Drowned God's watery halls for eternity, his every wants and needs tended to by mermaids. 


The clergymen of the Faith of the Drowned God are referred to as "Drowned Men." They are drowned in earnest, and brought back to life through resuscitation, a process that sometimes results in the death of the Drowned Man. The Drowned Men wear robes of mottled green, grey, and blue, the Drowned God's colours. They carry with them driftwood cudgels and skins of saltwater at all time, to show their devotion in battle and to perform ritual anointment. They occasionally drink from the skin to strengthen their faith. 

Drowned Men may not shed the blood of another Ironborn, but may drown them.