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Domenico Grimani (1461 – 27 August 1523) was a Venetian Churchman and Cardinal. From 1498 to 1517 he was Patriarch of Aquileia, and from 1517 to 1520 bishop of Ceneda.

Grimani was also a notable collector and his collection now forms part of the Museo d'Antichità in the Doge's Palace in Venice. The Grimani Breviary, long in the library of San Marco, Venice, is a key work in the late history of Flemish illuminated manuscripts. It was produced in Ghent and Bruges ca 1515-1520 and by 1520 owned, though possibly not originally commissioned, by Cardinal Domenico Grimani. Several leading artists, including Simon Bening and Gerard David contributed some of their finest work to it.[1]

Grimani is reputed to have been an ecclesiastical pluralist.

Grimani's father was Antonio Grimani, the oldest elected Doge of Venice. In 1521 when his father was elected Doge, Grimani was already Cardinal.


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