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A dasa sil mata is a Buddhist eight or ten precept-holder laywoman in Sri Lanka, where the newly re-established bhikkhuni lineage is not officially recognized yet. Dasa sil matas' status is between an ordinary lay follower and a fully ordained bhikkhuni. They are usually expected to work in the monasteries, essentially as maids to ordained monks, rather than receiving training and the opportunity to practice. However, some dasa sil matas have struggled and managed to establish monasteries of their own, where women have the opportunity devote themselves to spiritual training and practice. Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Burma have established monasteries for women. Similar orders exist in Thailand, Cambodia and in Burma (Myanmar). In Thailand (where it's illegal for a woman to take bhikkhuni ordination), they are called "mae jis." In Cambodia, they are named donchees. In Burma, an eight precept nun is addressed as thilashin or sayalay, whereas a fully ordained woman is called a rahan-ma ("female monk").[1] [2] Sri Lanka's dasa sil matas are recognized by their shaved heads and yellow robes.[3]

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