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Clay A. Kahler

Dr. Clay A. Kahler is a Pastor, Theologian, Teacher and author.

Clay A. Kahler is the Senior Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Orrick Mo. Prior to that he served as the Pastor of Campo Baptist Church in Campo California. He also served as the President of the San Diego County Southern Baptist Pastor's Association. He has written articles for Preaching Magazine, To His Glory and Christianity Today. He is the author of Simple Theology: Theology for the Rest of Us, Against Protestant Popes: An Exegetical Study of 1 Peter 5:1-4, and Torn Asunder: A Biblical Look at Divorce and Remarriage.

Prior to entering the ministry, Clay served in the United States Army, including service during Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Following his service in the Army, he began a career in Law Enforcement. He worked for 4 years with Village West Police as a Patrolman on the Bicycle Patrol and as a trainer. He was recruited away from the Department and into corrections and became the Director of Training and CERT Team Commander in a Federal Prison in San Diego, California.

While in California, Clay served on faculty at Southern California Bible College & Seminary and the Southwest College of Biblical Studies. He is now teaching at Carver Baptist Bible College in Kansas City MO.

Clay has a Bachelor of Arts Degree From Southern California Bible College. He also holds a Master of Religious Studies, a Master of Arts Degree in Biblical Studies from Southern California Seminary, and a Doctor of Divinity from Ridgewood College of Biblical Studies.

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