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Christian Deism is the belief that God created the universe, but then did not intervene, and that Jesus Christ was a moral teacher who knew of God's non-intervening ways [1]

Basic Tenets

Christian Deists, believe that Jesus was a man, who taught both of God's laws. God's laws are best summarized by Jesus, as Love your neighbor and Love God.

These two laws or "commandments" are stated to be known by everyone. [1] Disobedience to these laws are called sin. a Individual can repent and learn to forgive, and remove sin.

Christian Deists also believe typically in an all-loving God, and that God never intends on anything bad to happen. They also might hold or hope for a belief in a afterlife.

Types of Christian Deists

Christian Deists can be divided into two groups

Some, believe Jesus to be the son of God, They take a modified view of Pelagius, that there is no need for divine aid in performing good works and that the only "grace" necessary is the declaration of the law. They also hold a mild version of the moral influence theory of atonement philosophy. They combine these two philosophies with certain aspects of classical Unitarian theology.

Others more prominently believe Jesus to be a moral teacher and just a man.