Burz is the middle Persian name for the Indo-Iranian divinity of waters. Burz is also known as Ahura Berezant in the texts of the Avesta, and also as Apam Napat in Avestan and Vedic Sanskrit. Burz is a Yazad (Avestan: Yazata) in Zoroastrianism and later Persian mythology.

Mary Boyce suggests that the proto-Iranian Apam Napat incorporated many of the features of a proto-Indo-Iranian equivalent of *vouruna, who in turn may be the Vouru-kaša (luminous ocean) of Persian mythology.

In Persian mythology, Apam Napat has also some military aspects and is said to keep rebellion in check.

In fiction

  • Tolkien used the word búrz to mean "dark" in one of his invented languages (the Black Speech).

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