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First mentioned in the missionary chapters of the sons of Mosiah, the Amalekites of The Book of Mormon are described as a group of Nephite apostates (Book of Mormon index, Alma 43:13). They are credited with building the city of Jerusalem in the land of Jerusalem within the land of Nephi, alongside Lamanites and Amulonites (Alma 21:2).

The character of the Amelekites is described as "more hardened than the Lamanites" (Alma 21:3). In the various wars, the Amalekites are appointed captains because of their murderous dispositions (Alma 43:6).

Religiously, the Amalekites are after the order of Nehor (Alma 21:4). When Aaron, the son of Mosiah, enters their land, the Amalekites are among those who contend with him. Though they confess to believe in God, only one Amalekite is converted (Alma 21:5-14).

Because of them, the Lamanites are spurred on to kill their own people, the Anti-Nephi-Lehies (Alma 24:1). During the various wars between the Nephites and Lamanites, they are described as being better armed and continually inspire the Lamanites to fight (Alma 43:20,44).


Unlike Amlicites and Amulonites, no origin is directly stated for the Amalekites. But it is worth noting that according to the Words of Mormon 1:16, there arose "false prophets" and "false preachers," who were punished as the law allowed and many joined the ranks of the Lamanites.

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