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Al Qurna, Qurnah, Qurna
(English: Corner)
—  Village  —
Overlook of Al-Qurna where the Tigris and Euphrates meet

Coordinates: 31°0′57″N 47°25′50″E / 31.01583°N 47.43056°E / 31.01583; 47.43056
Country Iraq
Governorate muhafazat (Arabic: محافظة‎) Basra Governorate (Arabic: البصرة‎)
Elevation [1] 16 ft (4 m)
Population (2004)[1]
 - Total 13,237 in 7 km radius
  Approximate figures
Time zone GMT +3 (UTC+3)
 - Summer (DST) +4 (UTC)

Al-Qurnah (Qurna) is a small village in southern Iraq about 74 km northwest of Basra, within the town of Nahairat.[2] Qurna (Arabic for corner) is located at the point where the Tigris and Euphrates rivers join to form the Shatt al-Arab.[2]


Previously, al-Qurnah attracted many tourists and pilgrims from Abrahamic religions, as it is regarded as a possible site for the Garden of Eden which is a location central to the creation myth of all Abrahamic religions. A tree that stands near the riverbank has been enshrined as the Tree of Life (also known as Adam's Tree), along with a sign and a run-down enclosure.[3]

Current conditions

There is the small Qurna Tourist Hotel built during Saddam Hussein's reign in order to encourage tourism for the region, however it is most likely not in use now.[4] As of the start of the Iraq War in 2003, conditions at the site were reportedly woeful.[5]. Cracked pavement and bullet holes along with the poor condition of the tree itself made future tourism seem out of the question.[6] However, photographic evidence seen below and a certain amount of western presence has made it a viable tourist destination once again.[2]

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