Adi Parashakti (Adi Shakti)
Adi Parashakti
Adi Parashakti
Mother of Trimurti
Affiliation Divine Mother
Abode Devi loka
Mantra om hring durge durge rakshini svah
Weapon trishul
Mount Chariot of 7 lions

According to the Hindu Mythology, Adi Parashakti - the Goddess, Divine Mother - is the Supreme Being and recognized as Para Brahman.[1] The Devi Bhagwata Mahapurana suggests that She is the original creator, observer and Destroyer of whole universe. Hence She is Param prakriti. Parvati, the goddess of power is considered as her Sagun Swaroop. They both are not same but Parvati is having all the material qualities (Sat, rajo or tamo) of the Goddess. But at the same time the Goddess Adi Parashakti is also considered as nirgun or Nirakaar i.e. without any form. In fact she is the creator of Trimurti, the Hindu male trinity. She is Devi as original.


Adi Parashakti means the power who is beyond any limit, hence she is referred as the power beyond this universe. This makes the point that she is the active energy of God that both manifests and unmanifests the total universe. Major difference between Shakti and Adi Parashakti is that Shakti can be treated as power of trimurti or any other demi-god. But Adi parashakti is the deity of Hindu religion who is referred as Power of Param Brahman. Some texts says She is Goddess Bhuvaneshvari, the fifth of Mahavidya group.


In Devi Gita, it is Suggested that before transforming or taking birth to her Sagun form i.e. Parvati, She appears before King Himalaya to teach him some sort of divine and eternal knowledge. In that she explained herself in the word of Vedas that she has neither start nor end, she is neither male nor female. She is the only truth, eternal truth. The whole universe is her creation, She is same as Param Brahman. She is one without second. She is the only victor and victory as well. She is manifested (Lord Brahma), transcendent (Lord Shiva) and unmanifested (Lord Vishnu) divinity. She further shows her virat swaroop in which, Satyaloka was situated on the top of her Forehead, Space was her hairs, sun and moon were her eyes, her ears are quarters, Vedas are her words Yama was her larger teeth, the affection and the emotions are her small teeths. Goddess Maya is Her smileand happiness and So on.[2] Her that appearance shows that all the different gods, goddesses, even trimurti and tridevi as her partial forms.


Role in Creation of Universe

In Devi-Bhagwata Purana, Goddess claims in front of trimurti that,

I am adi-parashakti, Goddess Bhuvaneshvari I am owner of this universe and is regarded as ultimate reality, Param-Brahman. I am dynamic in feminine form and static in Masculine form. You three are parts of me. So you all are me and mine partial expansions. You are appeared because you will be going to govern the universe. You are masculine form of ultimate reality i.e. GOD and me is Feminine form of the reality, I myself is in non-dimensional from which is beyond everything and all the powers of GOD are vested in me. You shall admit that I am the endless power or adi-shakti. So I am giving you the task to be performed by you Three. Then She orders, Oh Brahma! You will be generator of the universe; the Goddess Sharda is your Shakti then She said she is her that form will be recognized as Goddess of Knowledge she is the personification of Sound energy. She is generated from the voice of big bang due to which the universe is created the sound is “OM”. The Goddess will be with you when there would be generation done by You lord Brahma.
After this She Said oh Lord of Lords Narayana! you are the Supreme Soul means the soul of Universe you are immortal both dimensionless and dimensional your this activity will make You to take different incarnation on one of the loka which will be recognized as the Prithvi or Mrityuloka. Oh Narayana you are the supreme in all the sagun deities. As you have created Lord Brahma and Brahma will further create other 33 crores gods and goddesses more over my one of Maha-Shakti Devi Mahakali has been born from your Yog-nindra. You are the Paramatman your consort will be Goddess Shri and which is none other than personification of light. As without light, no one can reach to you as you will be then not able to see. She is also my one of the form. Oh when there will be the evolution of life then you will be changed to Vishnu. The one who will perform the task of observing and preserving.
Oh Lord Rudra, the Greatest God, you are the personification of time which is above all you will perform the task of destroying and regeneration.You nirgun form is Static Time, which is greatest of all nirgun forms you are static in that form and me is dynamic in that from. It is due to my power that you will be dynamic and will be able to perform the task of Destroying. Your actual Power is Goddess Mahakali but due to meditation you will be able to clear all the nine level of power i.e. then I will be manifested from your left half in my sagun swaroop the form which you all are seeing is my nirgun from. The form will be my sagun swaroop and she will perform the task of destroying evils and will be consort of Lord Shiva.
[3] Om Shakti is used to describe the actual name of the goddess.

Adi-Parashakti Forms

  1. Parvati or Sati or Durga: She is the Dimensional (Sagun) Form of Maa Adi-Parashakti, She is the Adi- Parashakti herself, not probably same but Devi Gita declares her as complete Goddess who is beyond to reach even by Lord Shiva (her Consort), Lord Vishnu (Her Brother), Lord Brahma (Her Biggest Devotee). Thus She is considered as supreme Goddess and Primary Deity in Shaktism as Lord Krishna is in Vaishnava Tradition. For any matter for which we are worshipping different deities, ultimately we are worshiping Her. She is every other Goddess e.g. She is Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Saraswati in her milder form and Goddess Kali and Goddess Chandi in her wrathful Form, more over She is Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesha in Masculine forms. Color of her Vestment is white, that dipicts that she is Sarva gun Sampan.
  2. Mahasaraswati: She is the 1st partial expansion of Goddess Adi Parshakti, Who is primary in satva gun, She is the original power of Lord Brahma. She is Goddess of knowledge, Creation and learning. She is giver of all kinds of arts. She is one who slew Shumbha and Nishumbha, who were the symbols of ignorance and non knowledge. She was born of outer sheath of Goddess Parvati, outer Sheath of Maa Parvati represents her hardwork, spirituality and bhakti. So Maa Mahasaraswati is Primary Deity of Satva Gun. Her Nirgun Form is Sound Energy. Color of her vestment is Yellow.
  3. Mahalakshmi: She is the 2nd partial expansion of Goddess Adi Parshakti, She is Goddess of material, Sustaining and spiritual satisfaction. She is original power of Lord Narayana She is giver of all kinds of wealth and pleasure. She was born of Goddess Parvati's mind expansion whose cosmic form took birth in the home of sage katya which were then created by collection of powers of all gods in her sagun form, So Maa Mahalakshmi is Primary Deity of Raja Gun. She is also the one who slew Demon Mahishasura. Her nirgun form is Light. Color of her vestment is Red.
  4. Mahakali: She is the 3rd partial expansion of Goddess Adi Parshakti, She is Goddess of Spiritual fulfillment and Destruction. She is giver of Salavation. She is original power of Lord Shiva. She is one who helped Lord Mahavishnu to slay Demon Madhu-kaitabha. She was born of the eyes of Godhead Mahavishnu. Maa Mahakali is Primary Deity of Tamo Gun. Heat Energy is her Nirgun Form. Color of her vestments is Blue.

Adi Shakti diversion to groups


Her Appearance is only suggested in Kalika, lalita Sahsranam and Devi-Bhagwata Puran, In a legend in Devi Bhagwat Purana, When the Goddess invites Trimurti to her celestial abode, then all the great lords saw unparalleled beauty of the place. When they came inside the bodies of Trimurti, becomes that of a women. They saw the goddess was sitting on jeweled seat of chariot of seven lions. her beauty was so high that lord was not able see her unparalleled beauty and charm. Her glorious face was like collection of trillions of stars, her power was so high that she was felt as creator, preserver and destroyer of whole universe.


She is relocated on the top this universe i.e. above Vaikuntha and Shiva loka. The name of her abode is Akshardhaam. It is a calestail palace where all divine females live. The females are goddesses, aphsaras, yakshinis, Kinneras etc. the abode is so gracious.


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