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  • '''A Sikh's Life'''''''' My life as a young Sikh going to Medical school and living in the western world with my views greatly influenced by Sikhi and Waheguru himself. I am opening my life as an influence for others. I am young and stupid, but I am honest. Some Sikh blogs do not have honesty and that takes away from the genuine nature of some blogs. Join me in my life's adventure.
  • Ash Singh - My Life - "We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give." - A look at my life as a friend, brother, son, technopreneur, philanthropist, motivational speaker, artist, athlete, writer, and a Sikh.
  • Amar Prakash Singh -"Blogs are intimate thoughts of a person who lives in the realm of NIRBHAU, NIRVAIR. Intimate thoughts make us expose our True (inner) nakedness, sans veils of taboos or dogmas. Guru Nanak did that without feeling ashamed of sharing his intimate thoughts. He showed us how to contemplate on the message whilst detaching ourselves from the messenger." Tejwant Singh
  • AkaliArt- Akali Singh's Art Work, Quick Sketches.
  • Angad Singh Khalsa - Articles that catch my eye and events happening around me..Watch this space for Info on Gurmat Sangeet..Shabads in ancient styles are up.. Guru Ang Sang!
  • A Complete Sikhism Blog-The Blog Offers Latest Sikhism News, Sikh Articles and Contains All latest on Sri Harmandir Sahib. Blog Maintained By Sukhdeep Singh
  • Arvind Singh's blog - Our blog offers a dynamic perspective on writing, spirituality and information on anxiety & depression. Spiritual Topics on our blog include: Compassion, Higher Guidance, Life & Death, True Nature, Connectedness, Equanimity and Non-violence. Our blog's main focus is to introduce visitors to our new novel, NEXUS. We also welcome your informed comments and discussion.
  • Ajit Singh @ Havoc Singh A blog about the latest and havoc news/happenings about Sikhs in Malaysia, and also to update the Sikh Youths about upcoming events.
  • Akaal Purakh Di Fauj- Khalsa @ Cisco :o) - Articles on Gurmat, Daily thoughts for the day, Local (New Delhi, India) Sikh news, Messages aimed at elevating and inspiring. The Blog is run by a group of Sikhs working as engineers at the technical assistance center of Cisco Systems and is updated by posts sent to an external mailing list. To be added to the list, kindly leave a comment on any one of the posts mentioning your email address.
  • A Just World - An attempt to understand the craziness that is this world...
  • *Akaal Media* Dedicated to sikhi related art, paintings, photographs, videos and animations! NEW WEBSITE!
  • Arina's Musings A personal blog on my life as a Sikh, a student, and a human

  • Amritbir Kaur-My blog - Literary Jewels, a creative insight into literature, also contains my articles on how to lead a fruitful life, my thoughts about life


File:Haw hai kam.jpg

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  • back2sikhi - A blog recounting a young Sikh's journey back to Waheguru.
  • Grace&Blessings Experiences and Feelings when u allow Gurbani to work in your life.

This is to express the inner thoughts of a logical & materialistic mind in its quest/journey to attain/obtain/know/be or you call it whatever ... the power that runs this world.... GOD with the help of the True Guru...

The goal of is to facilitate all of the Sikh organizations in British Columbia, particularly the youth, to give their unique strengths to a working partnership that would re-connect the youth with Sikhism and promote unity within the BC Sikh community. The BCSikhYouth website features a community 0directory, calendar, links, e-mail newsletter, and more. Our blog is a new addition to try to provide the most up-to-date announcements. Other seconds we are currently working on include a community directory, calendar, classifieds, and forum. Check out regularly for updates!

Babiha, or chaatrik or Papeeha and many more references have come in Sri Guru Granth Sahib for this amazing bird, who cries during the hot days of summer and waits for the rain to quench his thirst. This bird's crying call sounds like "Pee-Kaha", meaning, "Where is my Love?"...



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  • *Children of Khalsa* Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ke Fateh! Articles pertaining to Sikh Children and their parenting; Resources for Sikh parents
  • Comments by the Colonel - Blog This blog is is about the life and experiences of a Sikh guy, who travels for work, has seen many things and wishes to share his and read other's thoughts about the world we live in. He is also willing to help other Sikhs in their lives with the life and business knowledge he has gained.


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  • The Divine Within - Jasdeep Hari Bhajan Singh Khalsa. In this new blog, I intend to write about many aspects of Sikh Dharma, Meditation, Kundalini Yoga, Spirituality, Philosophy, God, Oneness of Religion, Spiritual Stories and Applications of Spirituality in everyday life.

Two Sikhs, Valarie Kaur and Dawinder S. Sidhu, are directing this new research initiative to study the mistreatment of minority communities during times of national crisis and military action

Singh is king

Mr. Sidhu noted, "DNSI will present an honest picture of the condition of the communities affected by the post-9/11 backlash, particularly Sikhs, by compiling objective information on existing incidents and more importantly by performing original research on the consequences of this backlash, as told by members of the targeted communities themselves."

  • Devinder Kaur - Notes and thoughts on a journey to love, live and explore this life.
  • Dilkhush Singh Kohli from Kolkata : West Bengal : India - I am a very open kind of a person having a very narrow opinion... Which is more important to you and why: flexibility or expandability? Flexibility Of course ! One should be flexible to face all situations in life. If you flex... You automatically expand.


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EKTABLOG by Steps on the journey of life. Inspirational stories, personal experiences, exclusive photos, videos, audio and lots more


Contents: Top · 0–9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Famous Sikhs or [2]This blog has the most comprehensive profiles of famous sikhs from the past and present on the net, it is well worth a visit. Includes stories of how ordinary people from different backgrounds have achieved brilliant things and it will be an inspiration to young Sikhs who never thought so much could be possible.

Blog by a Sikh guy, sharing his experiences as a Turban wearing young man in the United States, looking to get married. A witty, sometimes shallow, but mostly honest tale in which the author of the blog, tries to bring forth the dilemna faced by the Keshdhari young sikh men in contemporary times. The author starts debates related to the "Only Clean Shaven Men Required" - which are arguably well countered in the comments section of the blog, by its mostly women readers!


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Gurmail Singh

  • Gurminder Singh - Langar, Gurmat Shikhsa, Sikhism and my articles on sikhism.
  • Gurpreet Singh Modi - something new, something different and something exciting for everyone. many articles on technology, sikhism and my life
  • GURUDWARAS OF INDIA - The well known and the not so well known Gurudwaras in different parts of the country and their brief history, significance and some 'exclusive' pictures!
  • ~*~ Guru Dev Kaur ~*~ - (aka shanti kaur, carmen kaur..scotlandwale :-) new blog...please stop by and leave your comments... Sat Nam.
  • Gurminder Kaur Yesterday is but a dream, and tomorrow is only a vision...
  • Gurvinderpal Singh - The Ramblings of a Sikh College student... what more could you possibly ask for, also this this blog's other purpose is to testify to the world, that you can be an Amritdhaari, and still have normal chardi kala life.
  • GurSikh Life Points - GurBaanee translation in "simple" English, word helpers, general ramblings...
  • Gora sikh blog- Blog about people who became or becoming sikhs by choice, about exploration of sikh culture & sikh soul, about mixed marriage & anything else you want. Inspirational stories, photos, videos & many more.



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  • Harkiren Kaur- What a Wonderful World: This life, and all it holds, is By Thy Grace
  • Hari Kiren Kaur- Tav Prasaad - By Thy Grace: Thoughts from the Holy City of Amritsar
  • Hardeep Singh- Politics, News, Sikhi and Kirtan, you will find it all here.
  • Hardip Singh (DP) Welcome to Perch, Aim, Fire! I'm a social sciences lecturer and a commercial photographer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This blog was created for no apparent reason and addresses no specific issue. However, I do intend to turn it into a medium where I can constructively comment on anything I wish. The word to note is 'constructive'. There will also be casual entries periodically, ranging from personal to social engagements. Feel free to read what I've got here. Note: no Sikhi-related contents in this blog. Cheers!


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  • Inside Sikhism- Blog by Amandeep Singh: Featuring Gurbani, Keertan, Sikh history & literature.
  • The Inner Journey Lakhvir Singh Khalsa. I was born in New Delhi but now settled in Kenya following my family's relocation here in 1980. I began my studies here and have since become a citizen of this unique country. I work with Ogilvy & Mather Advertising as a Graphic Designer. I'm a Sikh, and I love Sikhi and endeavour to live the Shabad of the True Guru's Teachings
  • Into the Whirlwind - Valarie Kaur's Journey I am traveling across America, making a film about religion, fear, and violence since 9/11. I am a third-generation Sikh American. I study religion and ethics at Harvard. I wish to face the violence and fight it. I don't want to fight alone. And so I write. These are my notes...
    In the aftermath of 9/11, Valarie Kaur journied across America with a camera and captured the stories of Sikh, Muslim, and Arab Americans. Stories of fear and unspeakable loss. But also resilience and hope. Now four years later, she crosses the country again, this time with a film crew, to discover how much has changed, or stayed the same. Join the making of the documentary film "Divided We Fall: Americans in the Aftermath".


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  • JOIN Sikhi A revolution in learning Gurbani through SMS by Daily Hukumnama and Gurbani Vocabulary!
  • Jasvinder Singh The journey of rediscovering myself and my faith as a Sikh
  • Jatinder Singh 'JD' Jatinder Singh 'JD' is a photographer on This blog will be presenting photos taken by Jatinder Singh 'JD', which are not available on
  • Jazzy V me and my bro, randeep v run this blog. we iz from da west sidz of da london.
  • - J Kaur - old friend(rememberance of old friend)
  • Jagjit Singh my life, my experince, my thoughts, my blog - A sikh Youth from Malaysia who is also a sewadar of Sikh Naujawan Sabha Malaysia
  • Jagjit Kaur Ramblings of My Life - A Sikh Youth from Malaysia.
  • Just Another Sikh, Just Another Story Sharing poetry I have written in relationship to my Sikhi, Guru, and this world. I believe concept of vand-chakna is beyond just sharing food, it is also the idea of sharing our experiences and understanding with our Sangat. So I write, and share what I write, in order to learn, become inspired, and inspire along the way.


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  • Kdsingh -- This blog is about My life, sikhism,current affairs, and my thoughts.
  • Khund Charcha - what village elders used to do in the evenings discussing everything from Politics to our leaders to daily issues and news - PunjabiG
  • Kudimaari - Looking at the issue of Female Feticide - Infanticide through a Regional (Punjab) and Religional (Sikhism) perspective.
  • khalistanblog A blog on the Khalistan movement and about Sikh Shaheeds of the 1980's onwards. Jeevans and stories of the 1980's are discussed here.



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  • The Langar Hall A blog dedicated to discussing issues related to the Sikh Diaspora.
  • Lioness Kaur Wahe Guru Ji ka Khalsa WaheGuru Ji ki Fateh! My name is Avneet. My brother taught me how to make a blog. If you want to see his, click on the links below. When you get their please don't laugh at my picture. Renoseek Blog
  • Live an Inspired, Spiritual LifeDwelling deep within, we will discover that our lives are a manifesation of the Divine Source. This website is a pooling of spiritual knowledge with an emphasis on the Spiritual Revaltions by the Saints and their text contained within the Living Siri Guru Granth Sahib
  • Learn How To Read Gurbani !
  • Let's Rock the World! - by Sukdev Singh - As an airline pilot, been living out of a suitcase all my life. but it showed me the world and taught me a few things. Today, I am working on taking the Sikh community on a new march, to a new destination, helping people to raise themselves and show them what the founding fathers wanted us to see all along. First I launched an organisation - Sikhs With A Mission or SWAM. Then, as one of the missions under that umbrella organisations, I have launched a Sikh ministry - Perfect Light Ministry. As Guru and Satguru mean 'Perfect Light' I thought it would make a perfect name for my ministry. At the moment, planning to expand operations by inviting volunteers to come on board, become ministers of the faith like me by taking a short self study course that has been put together for the purpose. Should be really rolling it out this year in 2008.


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  • Manni Kaur Dulai - Manni's Travels! - A unique and exciting experience of my visit to india! I will be there for 6 months working in Amritsar, Punjab in a Special Needs School but there are many FACES in Pingalwara... Let the faces appear....
  • Manveer Singh Wallace's THe blogging - The purpose of life is a life of purpose, produced by Manveer Singh Wallace's from Malaysia Khalsa Power forever ;)
  • Mr. Singh from: Bradford, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom;


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  • Naam Vairaag A blog about inspirational stories about Sikhi, Gurmukhs, and Kurbani. Dhan Guroo, Dhan Guroo Piaray. Vaheguroo
  • Nitu A sikh from Myanmar ( Burma ) who is currently studying in Singapore.
  • Niyara Khalsa An Ode to the Guru Khalsa Panth from Bangalore. Vaheguroo
  • Novtej Singh from: Bradford, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom; interest: Kirtan (only for invited readers)
  • Naam Aukhad by Gurmit Singh - descrbes meaning of Naam based on gurbani,Also Simran method as given in Siri Guru Granth Sahib ji which enables us to be in HIS presence.How simran takes us inside and we can remain inside connected with Naam. Simran heals diseases of the body.
                       AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD IN BLOG'
  • Navdeep Kaur Khalsa I am who guru ji made me to be!. Amrit Naam Nidhaan Hai...Mil Peevoh Bhai...


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  • '''Painting My Life'''''''' My life as a young Sikh going to Medical school and living in the western world with my views greatly influenced by Sikhi and Waheguru himself. I am opening my life as an influence for others. I am young and stupid, but I am honest. Some Sikh blogs do not have honesty and that takes away from the genuine nature of some blogs. Join me in my life's adventure.
  • 'The Panthic Otpreka The Views of Otpreka Singh This is a new up and coming Sikh blog. It tackles many of the prevalent issues that we have in the Sikh Panth, and provides a refreshing view on Panthic Issues, and Sikhi. To have an effect on the world, we must first look within and improve ourselves. Includes some very well written articles that are definetly worth a read. Updates a few times each week.
  • Palvinder Singh Khalsa Panth-Updates about myself and Sikhi related item around myself!!
  • Paramjot A Sikh from Thailand , Thai Sikh Camp
  • PRITAM SINGH KHALSA Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ki fateh! - I am an Amritdhari as of Viasakhi 2006.I can now die a happy man no matter what happens to my body. Ill add more to this when I have time. Also see: My daily life
  • Panth Ki Jeet! Guru Maaneyo Granth! Degh Tegh Fateh! Panth Ki Jeet! Raj Karega Khalsa! ਗੁਰੂ ਮਾਨੀਓ ਗ੍ਰੰਥ ॥ ਦੇਗ ਤੇਗ ਫ਼ਤਹਿ ॥ ਪੰਥ ਕੀ ਜੀਤ ॥ ਰਾਜ ਕਰੈਗਾ ਖ਼ਾਲਸਾ ॥


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  • Ripudaman Singh-"From My Six Senses - Some stories/articles on the contemporary issues for the Sikh youth. Some tidbits about Ripudaman Singh too..
  • robert's world Siri Chand's blog...My life changes as I become a sikh again
  • rsingh's blog My thoughts, experiences, interests, articles, photos, audios Videos of Sikh Student Living in London... VaheGuroo
  • Ranjan's sikh and cricket blog Initially started as a means for searching information on Guru nanak's visit to Sri Lanka, Sikhism in Sri Lanka during Guru Gobind Singh's time.I am a converted sikh and objective of my blog is to show the the link Guru nanak ji and sikhism had with Sri Lanka.I have been helped by sikhis for the research. Now, I have expanded to other areas. I try to present my reflections on sikhism, health and sikhism as it is my field as a public health specialist. I have added info on Sikhi cricketers as weell since cricket is a fashion in the sub continent


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Sa to Sh

File:Samelanblog logo.gif
  • Samelan 2007 Blog' Visit now, to find out more about the Samelan updates and the steps that are taken to make a successful Samelan.' by Sikh Naujawan Sabha Malaysia
  • Singh Is King My ramblings about about life by Chansanjam Singh
  • Sadh Sangat — A Discourse on Comparative Religion from a Sikh Perspective
  • SaNgAt De SeVa A simple living boy who believe in bicycle of Sikhi which has 2 wheels SEWA and SIMRAN... by Ismeet Singh
  • satnam singh - the paradygm from another perspective.
  • Sehajvir Singh Read sikhi poetry, Reviews on inspiring books, sakhis and other things that inspire me. My blog is about following sikhi through love and overcoming the negative vices that bring us all down.
  • Share Singh- The Singh that shares things!!! Since sharing is the only way to obtain respect, this is the only thing I am hoping to achive.


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  • Sikh By Choice- Stories of how we came into Sikhi. A project, a website, soon to be a book. Share your story today!
  • Sikh-Network™- Connects you to the whole sikh community
  • "MrSikhNet" Blog by Gurumustuk Singh Khalsa - Webmaster of It started as a way for me to share my personal life with family and close friends. It has since grown into a place for me to share thoughts, ideas, inspirations, and just have fun. It is a medley of fun and serious things. I miss the personal connection that I use to have when SikhNet was smaller and less formal, so for me this is a place to be able to just speak out share with others on a personal level and not as "SikhNet". It's kind of ironic...but guessed it...the website is (People can't remember the spelling of my name so some friends suggested this, since this is what they jokingly call me, "Mr SikhNet"). The site is updated daily with a mixture of pictures, videos, music, happenings, thoughts, etc. You can also subscribe to the audio and video portion as a podcast.
  • Sikhweb -This blog was born out of an article about how Sikhs use the internet to keep their faith alive. Though we all sometimes get emails spreading the word about a new Sikh site or something cool on the web, there was no one site that linked all these things together. This website is a resource for people, information and inspiration on the Sikh internet.
  • Sikhlife -Poetry flowing from daily struggle inside me.
  • SikhNerd 50% Sikh, 50% Nerd, 100% Tasty! - SikhNerd is a blog/website/rantspace started to share a Sikh Nerd's thoughts, links , downloads, and other cool things. You can also follow the blog/author on twitter The site is regularly updated with cool links, interesting downloads, lot's of neat Sikhi-related content, and other interesting bits from around the web.
  • Sikh Students Health Initiative - to empower students to improve the burden of disease and reduce health disparities in our communities both locally and globally. the quest of this initiative is to collaborate and aid our peers in becoming successful contributing professionals of the community.
  • Sikhi Da Blog - Sikh Inspirational WeBLOG updated everyday (almost)
  • Sikh Speak Magazine The FREE Sikhi Magazine for ALL WORLDWIDE. Visit the Site and BLOG to learn more about SikhSpeak - THIS IS A FREE INITIATIVE to EDUCATE, LEARN and Spread the Love of Sikhi - Join us ( We will cover all aspects of Sikhi worldwide, submit an article, event, pictures, poem or anything else FUN and SIKHI!

A blog by the Canadian Organization of Sikh Students (COSS) communicating issues and events for Sikh Students in Canada.

  • SikhiLover - Experiences of a 16 year old sikh girl, poetry pics great stories all are welcome
  • SikhSwim - Crossing the World Ocean. An unassuming, regularly updated blog with perspectives on current issues facing Sikhs in North America today.

  • sikh blog- A Sikh blog that has lots of keertan downloads, sikhi literature, and some views of a moorakh.
  • Sikhhacks. For smarter sikhs Inspired by Lifehacker, this blog is an attempt to collect tips and tricks to improve Sikh lifestyle. Tips to better tie a turban, triscks to groom, Is Fix-o better than gel?. Questions that you wanted to ask but did not know where to go.
  • Sikhi by U Singh - What is that love which is based on greed?. When there is greed, the love is false.FARIDJI, SHALOKAS
File:Uruguay 8-06 012.jpg .jpg


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  • Singh on the World - Always something to think about. Though you may or may not agree with what he says. A Canadian Singh calling it the way he sees it in the world today.
  • The Singhson Family - Yet another day in the life of a Wacky Sikh family in the United Kingdom!!(open only for invited readers)
  • Sikh Studies - A blog to discuss the issues related to Sikh Studies

Si to Sz


Surburban Sikh

  • Sony Simple Living High Thinking
  • Snatam Kaur Notes from the Road - Journal of travels and music.
  • Solarider - You need to know where you are going to get there
  • Suraj Prakash Granth - Translations of Suraj Prakash granth ,along with translator mandeep Singhs Inferences - (permission required to visit the blog)

as taught by Yogi Bhajan "Love is a flow of love; only your participation is requested"


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  • TejiKaur- aka " God's Stalker" a young Singhnee trying to live the life of one of Guru Jis Sikhs, read stories, poems and adventures of my crazy life
  • Taranjeet Singh taran's den!
  • The truth Never Gets Old - Harpal Singh Kasoor: Welcome to this site! This site is dedicated to the almighty Satguru and his companion, Bhai Mardana Ji, who travelled the world in all directions to teach all of us!
  • The Panthic Otpreka Sikhi, Panthic Matters, Meditation, Parchar, Panth Di Chardi Kala - Updates a few times each week
  • The Road To Khalistan Our blog dedicated to our family members who achieved shaheedi in Delhi, November 1984. It contains our personal stories from 1984 and continuing posts on all things Sikh, focusing on current events.


  • Upinder Kaur Photographs and other things of sikh interest



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  • Varinder Singh Day to day happenings with a technological twist. Arts & Crafts, Aviation and things that go boom!
  • Vivid Ruminations Some Deep Thoughts on Subjects like Sikhism, Spirituality, Relationships and Some Daily Happenings.


  • 'Who Are Sikhs?' Telling who the Sikhs are..present intention to tell the world about famous sikhs.
  • Work in ProgressBlog on on general topics directly / indirectly affecting / related to sikhs...
  • Western Sikh Students Association (WSSA)Live from The University of Western Ontario, We welcome you in exploring our WSSA and its members. We hope to capture everyone's attention by providing a glimpse into The WSSA Life, Events and Weekly meetings. With our new blog updated weekly, everyone will have an oppertunity to engage in our weekly discussions. We will provide summaries on weekly meetings as well as events. Have fun exploring the life of Sikh Students at Western! And remember to leave comments!


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  • Do you know of any other blogs by Sikhs? Feel free to add to this list.

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