Devanagari मार्तंड
Sanskrit Transliteration Martanda
Affiliation Deva
Abode Heaven
Weapon Bow
Consort Various
Mount Chariot of Aruna & Horses

Mārtanda (Sanskrit:मार्तंड) in Hinduism is the eighth and last of the solar class deities called Adityas. He is known as an Aditya by virtue of being born to Aditi. In the tenth chapter of Rigveda, one of the ancient Hindu texts, it is stated that Aditi first had only seven sons but later gave birth to an eighth son named Mārtanda. Although many hymns in the Rigveda mention him along the other Adityas as a form of Surya, it is recorded that Aditi shunned him. In the post-Vedic period, when the number of Adityas increased to twelve, another name Vivasvat was added to the canon. Vivasvat and Martanda are often used interchangeably.

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