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Conservapedia, launched on November 21, 2006, is a conservative wiki, intended to be family-friendly. It was founded by teacher and attorney Andrew Schlafly with the help of several students from his fall 2006 World History class.

When a student handed in her paper using the date-markers “BCE” and "CE” from Wikipedia, Schlafly made the assumption that Wikipedia, despite its claim of neutrality, contained bias against the achievements of Christianity and conservatism. Other occasions of liberal bias, including the reversion of factual edits about the 2005 Kansas Evolution Hearings, led to the creation and launch of Conservapedia.

Though Conservapedia originally contained mostly history articles, it has grown over two years to be a general reference, with information about history, math, science, politics, religion and other topics. It also contains debates, essays and educational resources.

Conservapedia is very biased against left-wing politics, and claim liberals are less intelligent, moral, and secure than conservatives. Also, it opposes evolution which is not necessarily a conservative cause. Conservapedia's regular editors are relatively hostile to anything that is not according to their beliefs, so be aware when viewing their website.

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