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Aryaman (अर्यमन्, pronounced as "əryəmən"; nominative singular is aryamā) is one of the early Vedic deities (devas). His name signifies "bosom friend". He is an Aditya, a solar deity. He is supposed to be the chief of the manes and the Milky Way is supposed to be his path.

Aryaman is another name for Surya or the Sun God. It stands for the dutiful nature of Sun in keeping his dharma of controlling time. Aryama is the culmination of two dhaatus: Aha and Yama. Aha means a unit of time and Yama stands for controller. As the creator of day and night, Aryama (Sun) controls the movement of time. In being duty bound to this activity, Sun provides us an example of being duty bound and being objective. The Hindu marriage oaths are administered with an invocation to Aryama being the witness to the event.

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