First master of universe
Parents none

Alalu is a god in Hurrian mythology. He was identified by the Greeks as Hypsistos. He is also called Alalus.


Alalu was the first master of universe. He had a rival on his homeworld,Nibiru,named Anu. After nine years of reign, Alalu was defeated by Anu and he went down in the underworld. Anu's son Kumarbi also defeated his father, and his son Teshub defeated him, too.

Alalu usurped the throne of Nibiru but was later deposed by Anu. He fled for his life to his spaceship & set his destination through the asteroid belt to Ki,or Earth. This had never been accomplished before.This was long before the hominid workforce was created by Enki,the first born but illegitimate son of Anu. See Zecharia Sitchin for further information.

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